Art paper draft thingy

Art paper draft thingy

Right so, I’ve got the Art Paper III exam tomorrow – Human figures and composition. Basically do a little jiggledy-do and create a composition with human figures in it. They’d given us four topics to choose from (they give it to us a week in advance, but being the ignorant teens that we are, do you think we even try a couple out? :P) This is what I’ve been doing – a coconut seller in Kerala. Thing is, I copied the background from a couple of photographs we took in Kerala (I couldn’t sleep in the huge house boat, anyway) and the main theme- the coconut seller- I sort of…….improvised….ish. I really hope my friends (Who all seem to be from Kerala) don’t find this. Oh lords, this is embarrassing. So, here is your monthly dose of five-year old drawings from a 14 year old. *crosses self*


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